January 2013

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The following shows aired in January 2013. Click on the show date in the left column to listen to that show. Files are in MP3 format.
1/5/13 North Korea. The most dangerous place on earth right now is North Korea. At the end of 2012 North Korea successfully launched, after many failed attempts, a three stage rocket into orbit. The balance of power in South East Asia is now in the hands of the North Koreans. The U.S. has had plans for several possible crises for some time. Join Bob Gould and his guest Dr. Rebecca Grant, President of IRIS, as they discuss the North Korea’s technology and saber rattling and who is backing North Korea now.
1/12/13 Patriots Will: Surviving the Great Depression and World War II Combat by Jack C. Hubbard. Patriots Will describes a salt-of-the-earth member of the greatest generation, his exploits in World War II as an Army flyer in B-17s in the 8th Air Force, and his return to duty after the war ended. This tanker/turned MP/turned radio operator-gunner fought to join the 369th Bomb Squadron of the 306th Bomb Group and fly his 24 missions. Patriots Will is a must read for all who are interested in World War II, who had friends or relatives in the 8th Air Force, or who want to freshly appreciate what our young men did and how they performed when duty called. Jerry Hilmes, Lieutenant General, US Army (Retired).
1/19/13 Dr. Tom’s War: A Daughter’s Journey. One fateful day, Lucia Viti stumbled upon an ancient Harry & David fruit box while cleaning the attic. The box was filled with Vietnam memorabilia-the remnants of her father’s tour of duty in 1967 as a Battalion Surgeon in An Hoa. Lucia became obsessed with a need to reconnect with the memories of her father and spent four years traveling across America, gathering stories from the Marines of the Second Battalion Fifth Marine Regiment, First Marine Division who served alongside her father. This quest to learn about a Dr. Tom she never knew turned into a unique journey of discovery through the eyes of a very special brotherhood of young men. A journey that weaves the Marine esprit de corps with the horrors and humor of war with a first-hand, no-holds-barred perspective on combat life in Vietnam in 1967.
1/26/13 AT EASE. Host Dwight Jon Zimmerman is proud to welcome a diverse, exciting, and special group of guests:
Charles Oldham, editor in chief of Faircount Media’s line of military-themed magazines and its Defense Media Network website returns with an update on news and articles of military events past and present.
Sandra M. Lindhart talks about her award-winning children’s stories with important social themes such as parent separation as a result of deployment (the “Boots” series) and her latest release Pickysaurus Mac, a parable about a young dinosaur suffering from a condition known as Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD).
Karen Jeffries is president of Veterans Moving Forward, a non-profit organization that provides free of charge fully-trained service dogs to veterans suffering physical and mental health challenges. Ms. Jeffries will talk about her organization, how it selects and trains the dogs and the various services the organization provides. It’s truly a heart warming story and a much-needed service.