Vietnam Storytellers Extraordinaire – Yablonka and Jellerson

Vietnam Bao chi Phillip YablonkaVietnam Bao Chi

The voice of Americas Veterans
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Warriors of  Word and film

By Marc Phillip Yablonka

There is a plethora of books available about and by the civilian press who brought the Vietnam War home in stories and photos each night into our living rooms

But this is the first about “reporters in uniform” who took the war home through stories, still photos and motion pictures – presenting it from a military war fighter’s point of view.

Marc’s book is a must read for military members to help better understand the relationship of the military, the war, politics and the media.

Marc’s Website:

Note: Marc Yablonka is a Burbank, California-based military journalist whose work has appeared in Stars and Stripes, Army Times, American Veteran, Vietnam magazine and many others. He is the author of four books, the latest of which is “Vietnam Bao Chi: Warrior”

The Healing Pan Am Flight 001 Richard JellersonThe Healing
Pan Am Flight 001
By Richard Jellerson

After his 2nd Vietnam Tour as a chopper pilot, combat tour (then as Gen Creighton Abrams’ personal pilot) Richard had lost touch with humanity and didn’t want to return home to a country divided by that war.

So, he spent a year seeking meaning and solace for his life.
Interactions with total strangers in foreign lands began the healing of deep psychic wounds he didn’t realize he had.

A wonderful book for all who have experienced war and found the return home difficult. But even more importantly, it will be particularly helpful for those whose loved ones have experienced war and returned a different person.

This book will help build a better understanding of those changes and how one such “healing” took place.

NOTE: There is additional info on about Richard’s documentary films: The History of Aviation, One Last Hit Crack Cocaine, The Personal Experience Helicopter Warfare in Vietnam, Tale of a City, Stalin’s Voice, and A Solemn Promise America’s Missing in Action.

Richard’s Website:

All Gave Some. Some Gave All. Always Remember

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  1. I have read both books and found them to be exceptional reading, interesting and very informative…in different ways.
    Marc’s book is the first to be written about the Vietnam War from the stand point of those who served in uniform and whose job it was to report the frontline war news to others serving in the military. Marc interviewed 35 such reporters and captured their personal and candid stories and views about their work, the war, and so much more…as you can imagine.
    Richard’s book is his personal story about surviving that war as a helicopter pilot in both combat and later as the personal pilot for the top ranking officer in the War…Gen Creighton Abrams. His book is a first hand account (taken from personal a diary he kept during the war and the year that followed while he took a year off and traveled the world. It only took 40+ years but he finally accepted the challenge of reading those notes and putting them into his personal story…entitled “The Healing”.
    The book is well written and interestingly presented. Richard certainly deserves the title of “Storyteller” (which, by the way, is the name of his film production company). He captured the emotions and feelings that many of our fellow warriors have internalized but often can’t express to others.
    Finally, I also think that this book will help families of those who have served in war to better understand the after effects of war.
    Dale…you will certainly have a very interesting Show on the 17th of Feb and I look forward to hearing more from these two authors and soldiers.

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