US Wings Giveaway and VA Benefits Experts Call In

Monthly VA Benefits Call In Program

Veterans Radio Ann Arbor Michigan
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Join our regular guests Brig. General (ret) Carol Ann Fausone from Legal Help For Veterans and Michael Smith, Washtenaw County (MI) Dept. of Veteran Affairs. They along with host Dale Throneberry will bring you up to date on what’s going on at the VA and answer your questions regarding any and all benefits you may be entitled to.

Call us Sunday between 5-6 pm est at: 734-822-1600

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We want to thank Sgt. Hack, founder of US Wings, for being a strong voice for veterans. His story can be read in full at


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  1. not sure,some va hospitals like Chillicothe ohio va does very good work in taking care of veterans.i can speak highly of it.although there are some doctors that are of a very low grade of intelligence..but most do a good job.problem with the va is they don’t let the good doctors spend enough time with the patients.they are limited to 1/2 hour at the most.thanks for listening .

  2. Based on the experience I have had I would say no. We Have a very good V.A. in Wisconsin. I know that there is room for improvement but we need to keep the V.A. How it is just need to fix a few things.

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