“SERVANT OF GOD” Fr. Emil Kapaun, US Army Medal of Honor Recipient

A Chaplain from Pilsen, Kansas

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Father Kapaun, Pilsen, Kansas, US ArmyIn 1950, Father Emil J. Kapaun, Chaplain, US Army, a native of Pilsen, Kansas, was Chaplain of the 8th Cavalry Regiment, 1st Calvary Division, Korea. He distinguished himself on the field of battle, both, as a soldier and a Chaplain. During the early days of the Korean War Father Kapaun, ministered both spiritually and physically to his fellow soldiers, particularly the sick, wounded and dying.

Captured and Confined

Captured, 2 November 1950 by North Korean-Chinese Soldiers, Father Kapaun was confined at Prison Camp #5, Pyoktong, North Korea until his death, at the hands of his captors, 23 May 1951.

Granted title of “Servant of God” by the Catholic Church Father Kapaun is the Most Decorated Chaplain in US military history.

In April of 2013 President Obama awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor for Father Kapaun.

The Miracle of Father Kapaun

Join Veterans Radio Host Bob Gould and guests: Father John Hotze, Priest and Judicial Vicar for the Catholic Diocese of Wichita, Roy Wenzl, national award winning reporter for the Wichita Eagle and co-author of The Miracle of Father Kapaun, William “Bill” Funchess, soldier and fellow POW who was there at camp 5, all together to honor a great humanitarian.

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