September 2016

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The following shows aired in September 2016. Click on the show date in the left column to listen to that show. Files are in MP3 format.
9/4/16 September Hope. Frequent Veterans Radio, Guest/Historian John McManus will take us back to the allies pressing forward after D-Day and the Battle for Caen. Patton was driving to the German border when Eisenhower switched fuel and supply priority to British Field Marshall Bernard Montgomery halting the aggressive U.S. General George Patton’s armored march into Metz and on to Germany. This led to Montgomery’s grand plan Operation Market Garden, or also known as a bridge too far.
9/11/16 11 September—15 Years Later. This Sunday is the 15th anniversary of the 9/11 attack on America. Where were you on that tragic day? How did it change your life?

Join Veterans Radio this Sunday and hear the stories of those who were in New York that morning. Men and women who joined the military shortly after 9/11 and fought in Afghanistan and Iraq. Our guests include author Dwight Jon Zimmerman whose office had a clear view of the World Trade Center that morning, Seal Team 3 member Kevin Lacz who enlisted shortly after 9/11 and many more.

9/18/16 Suicide is Not the Answer. This week on Veterans Radio we will discussing how we can help stop the ever increasing number of suicides in America. We’re not just talking about the veterans community.The number of suicides per day has been increasing at an alarming rate. According to theAmerican Foundation for Suicide Prevention there are 117 suicides a day in America and of that number 22 are veterans.Those numbers are unacceptable. What can we do? Tune in to find out.

Suicide is not the answer. Don’t miss this very important program.

Our guests include Glenn Towery founder of the Veterans Suicide Prevention Channel, Former NFL player Eric Hipple from the Eisenhower Center (specializing in Traumatic Brain Injury treatment and much more), and Cathy Radovich, whose son committed suicide in 2014.

9/25/16 Captain James A. Lovell—Federal Health Care. Veterans Radio is always on the lookout for different types of treatment for Post Traumatic Stress. This week we will be joined by Dr. John Schaut, one of the Directors of The Stress Disorder Treatment Unit (SDTU)at the Captain James A. Lovell Federal Health Care Center (FHCC) in North Chicago, IL. SDTU is a therapeutic community for veterans and active duty service members experiencing symptoms of combat-related post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Although the SDTU is a part of the Mental Health Department, it functions differently from traditional psychiatric treatment units. Unless other medical, psychiatric, or substance abuse problems require prior attention, veterans and active duty service members with symptoms of PTSD are admitted directly to the SDTU. Housed together, the Residents function as a distinct community within the Federal Health Care Center. The interaction between the Residents is an important factor in the therapeutic experience, and prepares them for adaptive interpersonal and social functioning upon returning to the community. Residents have individualized Recovery Plans based on their identified goals.

We will also be joined by Vietnam Veteran, Navy Seabee Larry St.Antoine, who went though the SDTU program.