Remembering LTC Charles Kettles, Medal of Honor, Vietnam

Remembering a Hero, Lt. Colonel Charles Kettles

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This program is dedicated to Medal of Honor recipient Lt. Colonel Charles Kettles who passed away on Monday 21 January 2019. It is our duty and honor to replay past interviews with Charles.

The first is from 1 November 2015 before he received his medal and the second half is from 28 August 2016 after he received the Medal of Honor from President Obama.

Friends of Lt. Colonel Kettles Share Their Stories

Guests include William Vollano, who was instrumental in getting Kettles’ Distinguished Service Medal upgraded to the Medal of Honor. Colonel Donald Long will also join us. Colonel Long, a helicopter pilot serving with Lt. Colonel Kettles, will share his first person story of that fateful day, 15 May 1967.

Charles was a member of one of our program sponsors – Vietnam Veterans of America Post 310. You’ll find more information about Charlie on their website at

MEdal of Honor Charles Kettles Vietnam Army

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  1. LTC Interview:

    As a drafted disabled Republic of Vietnam combat veteran from Michigan that served with the1st Aviation in 1968 as a crew chief on the OH 6A, I see many things in differently. For 50 years my Veteran Affairs care sucks. Today, I’ve been cut off from dental care for 5 months because CHOICE is NOT paying the dental bill. V.A. didn’t clean my teeth for 4 years. Nobody cares, nobody! After a 5 month wait, I finally got my TENS Unit fixed. V.A. Dallas threw me on the operating table the other day and then aborted the operation. The V.A. pays me an extra hundred a month for my nut. I’m missing a right kidney. I’m on the V.A. death list.

    I’m no big fan of LBJ’s Gulf of Tonkin Resolution. It was a lie. One big fat lie. Ask me about my work in DC after Vietnam.

    My mother would cut out articles by Galloway and send them to me in the mail. The newspaper articles were good articles about military matters.

    Most times people never talk about the crew chiefs. At least this MOH military pilot interviewed acknowledged Chiefs. My MOS was 67n20, 67v20, and 67M. Pilots wouldn’t be flying without crew chiefs. My brother was a cobra pilot in Vietnam.


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