Privatization of the VA

Veterans Affairs - I CareShould VA Healthcare be Privatized?

The voice of Americas Veterans
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What do you think?

Expand the Veteran’s Choice program?

Eliminate the VA entirely?

Rebuild the existing VA from the ground up?

Can outsourcing VA Healthcare be better for veterans?

These are just a few of the many plans being proposed to fix the VA. This week on our monthly benefits program we are going to be discussing the many options being proposed.

Our guests include representatives from the Disabled American Veterans, Jim Fausone from Legal Help for Veterans, our resident veterans’ advocates Washtenaw County Veterans Service Director Michael Smith and BG(ret) Carol Ann Fausone and much more.

Call us this Sunday at 5 pm eastern. 734-822-1600 or  844-838-1600

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  1. The question is, Should VA Healthcare be Privatized? YES, VA Healthcare should be privatized. Veterans get better treatment in Veteran Choice, being physical and/or mental healthcare. VA over all can not be rebuilt from the ground up, because the problem lies from the TOP first. The Veterans Administration know there’s a HUGE, GIGANTIC problem/issue in VA healthcare and VA Claims system. Its been there for years just festering and THEY are allowing the problems to continuing to grow. Until, the infection just kill/ or the Veterans die off. All these so call performance accountability reports about VA Healthcare facilities is a BIG FAT LIE. Because the mistreatment is still happening; They tell you if there’s problems, mistreatment, it to the Patient Advocate, Administration Office, VA help tel:1-800-488-8244 or OIG, is a JOKE..
    Veterans are mistreated by VA healthcare employees, physically and mentally. Veteran are threaten, Denied Veterans Choice or VA employee calls the police if you disagree (Disagree) on misinformed information about your medical care. I had a Chief of Director deny my request to see another doctor, because all that doctor did was complained about his help problems and my service dog; I did not want to hear it. THE Chief of Orthopedic stated “the doctor is sacrificing himself for me”. (Sacrificing himself for me) and this doctor is being PAID by the federal government to do a job. The Veterans Administration states, reporting complaints, etc..NO Disciplinary actions will be taken against the Veteran/ patient…all LIES, and I was told if I disagree with misleading information the doctor put in your medical record, it’s goes to the doctor and if the doctor disagree then my statement is dismissed, Veterans has no right again.
    Who or where do you go for HELP? I’ve went to the Administration office several times In personand through the patient advocate for a meeting with the Director over the facility with NO Success.
    Everything I’ve stated above is true, it happened, it’s happening, and these healthcare accountability reports that’s posted I’ve been reading is incorrect.
    Veterans are belittled, mistreated, denied care and left to suffer in pain for weeks. I know because I’m one of those veterans it has happened to me. I moved to another state thinking my healthcare treatment would be better, IT has been HELL. I have PTSD and major depression and my treatment for mental and physical care, has been HARD. Where is the trust, peace of mind, the simple basic care that should be the one place a veteran should feel relaxed, safe and secure at the VA facility instead, I’m in a protective mode as if I’m back on ACTIVE DUTY. we are tormented by MEMORIES and now we are tortured, tormented by people that works for the federal government. It makes you wonder if the federal employees are hired to care for Veterans or torment Veterans?, my son asked me that question. I’m tired of fighting a WAR, and it’s a battle in the VA healthcare for Veterans a never ending war. Thank you for listening

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