October 2011

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The following shows aired in October 2011. Click on the show date in the left column to listen to that show. Files are in MP3 format.
10/1/11 Live from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania it’s Veterans Radio. Don’t miss this opportunity to hear your favorite award winning authors.
Broadcasting live from the Annual Military Writers Conference at the Pittsburgh Airport Marriott. Join host Dale Throneberry and his guests, some of the finest military writers in America. Many of these authors have appeared on Veterans Radio in the past and many more will be on the program in the future.
10/8/11 Talking With Heroes. Join Veterans Radio in welcoming Bob Calvert, founder and host of Talking With Heroes to our program this Saturday morning. Since 2003 Bob has been doing video interviews, mostly by himself, with our troops and putting them up on YouTube.
The Talking with Heroes program is not about politics. It is about helping, honoring, and supporting our men and women in the military and their families. Talking With Heroes gives our military personnel an opportunity to share their mostly untold stories about the work they are doing worldwide. We believe that The American people have a right to hear their positive progress stories and our military personnel have a right to have their stories heard.
They also interview military support and veterans groups for them to share what they do to support our troops, their families, the wounded and more. He has interviewed Gold Star Moms and Dads, Military Wives, Moms and Dads, Wounded Warriors, Veterans, and Corporations about what they do to support our troops. We agree with Bob when he says, “2011 is the year for the American people to put aside politics and unite behind our troops and their families.” Bob has been to Iraq five times since 2006 and to Afghanistan three times in 2010 and twice this year .
10/15/11 JOBS-JOBS-JOBS. A Tough economy and changing employment opportunities have made it a challenge to find work. Our program this Saturday will feature a representative from the VA to tell you how to take advantage of all the services available to you, the veteran, on finding work anywhere within the entire VA healthcare system. Resume building, interviewing skills and much, much more will be discussed. Then we will have our guest from the Sustainable Agriculture Program available. The Sustainable Agriculture Program is open to all veterans who are interested in a career in agriculture. Have pen and paper handy for all the details. So for yourself or a friend/relative you’ll want to tune-in this Saturday when Veterans Radio presents jobs, jobs, jobs.
10/22/11 What It Is Like To Go To War. In What It Is Like to Go to War, Karl Marlantes takes a deeply personal and candid look at the experience and ordeal of combat, critically examining how we might better prepare our young soldiers for war. Marlantes discusses the daily contradictions that warriors face in the grind of war, where each battle requires them to take life or spare life, and where they enter a state he likens to the fervor of religious ecstasy. He makes it clear just how poorly prepared our nineteen-year-old warriors—mainly men but increasingly women—are for the psychological and spiritual aspects of the journey. Karl Marlantes is a graduate of Yale University and a Rhodes Scholar at Oxford University, He served as a Marine in Vietnam, where he was awarded the Navy Cross, the Bronze Star, two Navy Commendation medals for valor, two Purple Hearts, and ten Air Medals. He is the author of the best-selling and prize-winning Matterhorn.
10/29/11 Doug Stanton’s Horse Soldiers“…is as gripping as the most intricately plotted thriller. It is a masterwork of thrilling military action, brilliant in-depth journalism, and powerful story telling. Finally Americans can know how just a few dozen courageous U.S. soldiers beat the Taliban under the most extreme and dangerous conditions imaginable. I could not put this book down.” – Vince Flynn
Join author Doug Stanton and host Dale Throneberry this Saturday and learn about this amazing and dedicated group of men who went after the Taliban in Afghanistan in October 2001. This will be the first time many of you hear these true stories of what what really happened in those early days of the war on Al Qaeda.