Sen. Tom Cotton Arlington “Old Guard” and Motorcycle Relief in CO

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Join host Jim Fausone and his guests, US Senator Tom Cotton, Tom Larson and Richard Mosley.

Senator Tom Cotton and “The Old Guard” at Arlington National Cemetery

US Senator Tom Cotton’s Sacred Duty offers a look at “The Old Guard,” the storied U.S. Army unit whose mission today is to honor our country’s fallen heroes at Arlington National Cemetery.

Cotton a 7th generation Arkansas farmer was a platoon leader with the storied 3rd U.S. Infantry Regiment—The Old Guard—between combat tours in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The Old Guard has embodied the ideals of honor and sacrifice across our nation’s history. America’s oldest active-duty regiment, dating back to 1784, The Old Guard conducts daily military-honor funerals on the 624 rolling acres of Arlington, where generations of American heroes rest. Its soldiers hold themselves to the standard of perfection in the sweltering heat, frigid cold, and driving rain. Every funeral is a no-fail, zero-defect mission, whether honoring a legendary general or a humble private.

In researching and writing the book, Cotton returned to Arlington and shadowed the regiment’s soldiers, from daily funerals to the state funeral of President George H. W. Bush to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, reliving the honor—and the challenges—of duty at the nation’s “most sacred shrine.”

Part history of The Old Guard, part memoir of Cotton’s time at Arlington, part intimate profile of today’s soldiers, Sacred Duty is an unforgettable testament to the timeless power of service and sacrifice to our nation. Senator Cotton discusses his military experiences and Sacred Duty with host Jim Fausone.

Motorcycle Relief Project in Colorado Helps Veterans with PTSD

Motorcycle Relief Project for Veterans and First Responders

Tom Larson, founder and president of Motorcycle Relief Project, took a life of experiences and motorcycle riding to start Motorcycle Relief Project in Colorado to help veterans and first responders. Relief Rides are 5-day dual-sport motorcycle tours and are specifically designed to provide relief to veterans with PTSD and related issues. Rides include a combination of on-road and moderate off-road riding.

Participants get to ride on some of the most scenic two-lane roads in the country as well as some amazing jeep trails and forest roads. Participants must have at least a year of experience riding motorcycles, but no previous off-road experience is required.

Richard Mosley, Army Reservist, struggled after two deployments in Iraq with PTSD. Traditional counseling was not effective. Motorcycle Relief popped up on his phone and he called, searching for help. Richard tells us how this decision was life changing.

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