Memorial Day 2018 – Who Do You Remember on this Day?

Dale and Ray – Then and Now

1969 – Ft. Wolters Flight School

Ray Schrader 1969 Ft Wolters Flight School
Ray Schrader and Dale Throneberry at Ft. Wolters Flight School – 1969

2006 –  Dale Throneberry and Ray Schrader Reunited

Dale Throneberry Ray Shrader 2006 reunion
Dale and Ray Reunion – 2006

I met Ray Schrader in January of 1968 on the first day of flight school at Ft. Wolters, Texas. We were both from New Jersey. In fact, he lived not far from my grandfather’s house in Pt. Pleasant, NJ. He ended up being my best friend for almost 50 years. He died a few years ago of what I believe were complications of his exposure to Agent Orange. Ray Schrader is at the top of the list of those I think about most on Memorial Day.

See you at the parade!

Who Do You Remember on Memorial Day?

Leave your story in the comments below. We will read your story on air on Sunday, May 27th. 

All Gave Some. Some Gave All. Always Remember

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  1. I remember my husband Jessie David Cox who was with the 101st airborne and passed away in May of 2014 after a lengthy illness from complications of the war. We were married 42 years and that was not long enough. My children and I miss him every day.

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