May 2015

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The following shows aired in May 2015. Click on the show date in the left column to listen to that show. Files are in MP3 format.
5/3/15 War in Europe Ends, Part II. Once again Veterans Radio takes us back to May, 1945—Germany surrenders to the allies ending World War II in the European Theater. Join our returning guests military authors John C. McManus and Kevin Hymel along with host Bob Gould as they discuss the evens of 1933-1945.
5/10/15 Military Moms; Agent Orange’s Legacy. Join us this week on Veterans Radio with our guests from the Michigan Military Moms organization  and some of the participants from a special Agent Orange Town Hall being held Saturday, 9 May 2015, in Northville Michigan sponsored by the Vietnam Veterans of America, Chapter 528 .

Michigan Military Moms, was founded in July 2002, and has been providing support and encouragement to hundreds of Moms and families of military personnel ever since. The organization is a support group united by pride and dedicated to our sons and daughters, either serving or who have served in the United States military. We share our joys and sorrows with the level of understanding that only those with loved ones who are serving or who have served in the military can comprehend.

Agent Orange LogoThis program will help you learn more about Agent Orange and the effects on those exposed individuals including their potential next seven (7) generations. If you were in Vietnam you were exposed to Agent Orange. This is your chance to find what Agent Orange may have done to you and your family.

5/17/15 Operation Onward Liberty. Join us this week on Veterans Radio with our guests Col Stephen Potter and former undercover NSA employee Tom Glen.

Col. Stephen Potter joined the Michigan National Guard in 1992 as a Chemical Platoon Leader and has since served in several assignments within the military police field. He has two combat deployments in support of Operation Desert Shield/Desert Storm and Operation Enduring Freedom. He has also deployed in numerous non-combat deployments and humanitarian relieve missions including Haiti in response to natural disasters.

His latest deployment is to Liberia as part of Operation Onward Liberty. “This is a 5-year program, intended to provide uniformed US military mentors and advisors to the Armed Forces of Liberia (AFL) to develop the AFL’s ability to independently sustain and train the force, contribute to the development of a professional officer and NCO corps, and institute a unit training and evaluation system that reinforces an enduring AFL ability to support the national security objectives of the government of Liberia”.

Tom Glen has worked as an intelligence operative, a linguist (seven languages), a cryptologist, and former undercover NSA employee. He was in Vietnam off and on for the better part of thirteen years.

He is also an award winning short story writer and a great story teller.

5/24/15 Memorial Day and Dr. Rebecca Grant Join us this week on Veterans Radio with our guest, Dr. Rebecca Grant, President of Independent Research, a public policy organization founded to encourage research and discussion on how science connects to national security. Dr. Grant has been a frequent and one of our most popular guests.

Topics to be covered include: China’s military and the new Pentagon report;  The Air Force’s ‘secret’ bomber competition; Russia flexing its military power; Drone strategy and much more.

5/31/15 Special Live Concert. This week’s  special Veterans Radio program will be coming to you live from the Patriotic Concert being performed at Ward Church in Northville, Michigan. We will be broadcasting this special concert “One Nation Only Under God” this Sunday.

The concert is a collage of American music creating celebration of our country and God. They will also be honoring all veterans and currently serving military who can attend the concert in person. From Sousa to God Bless America, it will all be there.

Veterans Radio has always wanted to go on the road and broadcast programs like this concert. We are honored to have been invited to bring this special program to our veterans Radio audience.