May 2014

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The following shows aired in May 2014. Click on the show date in the left column to listen to that show. Files are in MP3 format.

Veterans Radio resumed programming on WAAM AM 1600 on May 18th.

5/18/14 We’re back! Our guests included Jeff Archer discussing Arlington Cemetery, Jim and Carol Ann Fausone from Legal Help for Veterans, and Joe Carvalko discussing the latest issue regarding the VA.
5/25/14 It was a day that would change the world, June 6, 1944,  and for five hours, a thousand yard strip of the Norman countryside, decided the fate of the invasion and the fates of the Western allies in Europe. Landing at Omaha Beach (German General Irwin Rommel once commented it reminded him of Salerno Italy), the 1st Infantry Division landed at the Eastern side, of the crescent shaped objective, assaulting the sectors of Fox Red, Fox Green and Easy Red.

Join our Authors, John H. McManus and Kevin Hymel and Hosts Bob Gould and Jim Fausone as Veterans Radio uncovers all the drama, twists, turns and anecdotes that enabled the free world to have a foothold on the continent of Europe.