March 2017

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The following shows aired in March 2017. Click on the show date in the left column to listen to that show. Files are in MP3 format.
3/5/17 Square Deal for Vets and Near Death Experiences.This week on Veterans Radio join host Dale Throneberry and his guests Sarah Verardo, Board President, from a new veterans organization, Square Deal For Vets, and  Diane K.Corcoran,, Lt. Col(US Army ret), R.N., PhD and President Emerita from the  International Association for Near Death Studies.


The 2016 election saw many veterans organize support on the state, local and national level. This unprecedented level of enthusiasm had never been experienced on such a large scale. Because of their passion, our nation’s heroes created a direct dialogue with the candidates- and they listened. As the process of VA Reform begins in earnest, Square Deal will serve as a platform for the many voices who demanded change in 2016.Square Deal is a national grassroots organization that will work to ensure that the momentum created by America’s veterans continues in the Trump Administration. Our heroes will now have a direct role in the reshaping of the VA.

IANDS President Emerita Diane Corcoran urges IANDS members and friends to support a video project for veterans called Near-Death Experience, What Veterans Need to Know. Service members who have had an NDE should be assisted by medical personnel or chaplains trained to deal with those who have experienced NDEs. However, because of lack of training, that care is often not available, and the impact of this crucial gap of care can be great. It is traumatizing, exacerbating the effects of already devastating injuries, as well as PTSD, and magnifying feelings of confusion, fear, isolation and hopeless despair. Veterans may carry these feelings for a lifetime.

How many of you had a “Near Death Experience”? How did it affect your life? Tune in Sunday to learn more about “Near Death Experiences.”

3/12/17 US Navy Band and More. We have a busy program this week on Veterans Radio. Join host Dale Throneberry and his guests.

1.  Army veteran Eli Smith is hiking more than 13,000 miles to each corner of the United States, to raise awareness for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and suicide within the veteran community. He will be marching for the next three years to do so.The Ohio native began his journey in Pensacola, Florida, We catch up with Eli in Las Vegas.

2.The United States Navy Band is coming to Ann Arbor, Michigan. Chief Courtney Williams, the announcer for the United States Navy Band joins us to preview the upcoming concert at Pioneer High School Friday, March 17th at 7pm. All Navy Band performances are FREE and open to the public however ticket reservations are required. Please email Sarah Boylan at (by Sunday, March 12) with number of tickets you would like reserved.  Tickets will be held for you at the Pioneer High School Box Office until 6:30.

3.Linda Weglicki, Ph.D., R.N., a professor and associate dean for nursing research and scholarship and Ph.D. studies at Florida Atlantic University ( has been named as a collaborative academic research member on a multi-state project called “Veterans’ Action League,” (VAL), responsible for leading a dynamic two-year conversation empowering veterans to have an active voice in guiding veteran healthcare delivery. FAU is joining forces with powerhouse teams of researchers from the University of Colorado Denver, University of San Diego, University of Texas San Antonio, Pennsylvania State University, University of Rochester, and the Ohio State University as well as committed veteran leaders in each state to improve health outcomes of military veterans. The ultimate goal of this collaboration is the development of an interactive tool-kit foruse by veterans, community organizations and healthcare providers to connect veterans with available resources, presented in a straightforward, user-friendly format.

4.”Americans Underground: Secret City of WWI” Texas emergency physician Jeff Gusky has revealed an underground city and hidden world beneath a French wheat field. Also an explorer and photographer, Gusky has uncovered extraordinary carvings that bring to light new information about the American soldiers who took refuge there during World War I. The Americans left their names on the ancient limestone walls in hundreds of inscriptions and images: in some cases revealing their identities, where they came from, and ultimately their fate. On the 100th anniversary of WWI, Smithsonian Channel™ exclusively reveals never-before-seen photos and shocking discoveries about these soldiers in the one-hour special on the Smithsonian Channel Monday, March 13, 2017.

3/19/17 Warrior Mission: At Ease and The Ghosts of Hero Street. This week on Veterans Radio join host Jim Fausone and his guests.

Warrior Mission: At Ease is a therapeutic retreat at Quantum Leap Farms in Odessa, Florida providing equine and accelerated resolutions therapy at no cost to veterans with PTSD. Learn about this program from its three founders.

Carlos Harrison tells the story of one block in Silvis, Illinois where 22 Mexican American families sent 57 men to fight in WWII and Korea. 8 were KIA. More than any other place that size in the country. “The Ghosts of Hero Street” is a compelling read.

3/26/17 World War I-The War To End All Wars. 2017 is the 100th Anniversary of the beginning of America’s involvement in World War I. Join us as we welcome Dr. Libby O’Connell from the World War I Centennial Commission. World War I remains America’s forgotten war, even though more Americans gave their lives during that war than during Korea and Vietnam combined, and even though it profoundly shaped the rest of “the American century.” The Commission will use the Centennial as a timely and essential opportunity to educate the country’s citizens about the causes, courses and consequences of the war; to honor the heroism and sacrifice of those Americans who served; and to commemorate through public programs and initiatives the centennial of this global event.

World War One was the cause, catalyst, trigger and accelerator of revolutionary change on an unprecedented scale. This week on Veterans Radio we look at the causes and long term results of World War I with historian Dr. Lawrence Sondhaus, author of many books and articles about World War I.