March 2013

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The following shows aired in March 2013. Click on the show date in the left column to listen to that show. Files are in MP3 format.
3/2/13 Michigan War Dog Memorial. In 1936, the Elkow family of Lyons Township, Michigan built the “Happy Hunting Grounds Pet Cemetery.” In 1946 when the news of how many lives had been saved by War Dogs during WWII local residents raised the necessary money to install a monument to show their respect to their heroic K-9’s. By the mid 80’s interment had stopped and over the next 25 years nature took over. In the summer of 2010 Phil Weitlauf, Project Director of the Michigan War Dog Memorial, was told about an abandoned war dog monument at the corner of Milford Rd and 11 Mile in Lyon Township. Phil took his trusted companion Cody, a German Shepherd, to take a look. When they arrived at the corner we saw nothing but a heavily wooded area. They parked the car and went for a walk and there it was a large granite monument with the words “The War Dog.” As we looked around we could see several headstones buried in the foliage and brush. The site was in horrible shape…and that’s when Phil knew something had to be done to preserve “The War Dog.”
3/9/13 Sound Off!! What’s Bothering You? Guests included Lynn Phillips from the Fallen and Wounded Soldiers Fund, Mike Hoffman from and veterans advocate Nick Swan.
3/16/13 MISSION TO TOKYO. The B-29 mission to Tokyo was a tremendous gamble that Major General Curtis LeMay decided to take when it when it became apparent the American air campaign against Japan was failing. Robert F. Dorr’s book Mission To Tokyo, Zenith Press, details the rise of the overall B-29’s mission toward the Pacific war effort. Dorr tells how the gamble of the March 9, 1945—68th anniversary now—was won in a brilliant fashion along with the heart rendering losses of both American air crews and the Japanese population. Join host Bob Gould, author Robert F. Dorr, and current B-29 pilot Paul Stojkov for a look at a pivotal day in Army Air Force tactics.
3/23/13 Iraq-10 Years Later. Ten years ago, this month, the United States and their coalition partners invaded Iraq to eliminate the threat of Weapons of Mass Destruction supposedly being stockpiled by the Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein. Hussein was also accused of providing a safe haven and support for members of the Al Qaeda terrorist group responsible for the attacks on 9/11/2001. According to and other sources the war in Iraq cost 4487 American lives, 32,323 physically wounded, 121,874 Iraqi lives and over $807.4 Billion. Our guests this week include Iraq veterans; retired Air Force Captain Damon Peterson, Army Staff Sargeants Mike Schinsky and Eric Wiltfang.
3/30/13 AT EASE. We were unable to record this program due to a power outage during the program.