June 2013

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The following shows aired in June 2013. Click on the show date in the left column to listen to that show. Files are in MP3 format.

6/1/13 North Korea, Military Drones and War, Sequester’s Effect on Bomber Fleet. Join Dr. Rebecca Grant, President of IRIS Independent Research, a public policy research organization based in Washington, DC and your host Bob Gould as they go down the list of today’s top world-changing events, strategies and military equipment.
6/8/13 Women in Combat. This last January outgoing Defense Secretary Leon Panetta issued a directive lifting the ban on women for direct combat ground roles. The controversy over its logic is still swirling, and this administration still has to figure out how to implement it. Join Veterans Radio contributor Col. Christine Cook, USAR, and her guests including Col. Kathie Lofts this Saturday on Veterans Radio. Col. Lofts joined the active duty military as a member of the Women’s Army Corp in the early 1970s. She later joined the Michigan National Guard as an enlisted member before earning her commission as an Ordnance officer in 1984. She remained in the National Guard until 2008 when she transferred to the US Army Reserve. She is a faculty instructor in the Distance version of the US Army War College.
6/15/13 Save The Bomber Plant.org. What does Rosie the Riveter have to do with the Yankee Air Museum? You’ll have to listen to find out. Guests include Congressman John Dingell, Yankee Air Museum Board Chairman Ray Hunter and Wilma Foster, an orginal Rosie the Riveter.
6/22/13 Vietnam POW Robert C. Jones. On January 18, 1968 United State Air Force 1st Lt. Robert C. Jones’s F4 jet was shot down over North Vietnam. For the next 6 years he was held captive the North Vietnamese. He was released on March 14th 1973. What happened during those 6 years as a prisoner makes for an amazing and courageous story.
According to We Came Home, published in 1977, Jones is quoted, “When I think back now over the last six years, I sometimes get the odd feeling that it was all just a bad dream. That far away land on the other side of the world is just a figment of my imagination, and the people there and the events that took place are a strange fantasy. But I guess it is human nature to shroud, in the minds’ eye, unpleasantness, discomfort, pain, and to push forward the more positive aspects arising from our captivity.”
6/29/13 AT EASE. Dwight Zimmerman welcomes another impressive group of authors.
BACK IN THE FIGHT The Explosive Memoir of a Special Operator Who Never Gave Up by Sergeant First Class Joseph Kapacziewski and Charles W. Sasser is the inspiring and thrilling combat memoir of the only Army Ranger serving in direct combat operations with a prosthetic limb!
ATROCITIES: The 100 Deadliest Episodes in Human History by Matthew White is a very good book about very bad things. ATROCITIES is a fascinating, thought-provoking, and eminently enjoyable (yes, enjoyable!) book about the greatest atrocities in history. Librarian Matthew White’s ranking, explanation, and analysis make this book an eminently readable synthesis that offers a droll, unflinching perspective of the darkest chapters in human history.
SHATTERED TRIDENT by Larry Bond marks the return of bestselling author Larry Bond to “At Ease.” SHATTERED TRIDENT is a fast-paced technothriller about an escalating secret regional war between a militarily aggressive China and a group of Pacific Rim nations in the Littoral Alliance. Captain Jerry Mitchell and his nuclear submarine USS North Dakota are caught in the middle of the covert conflict between the two groups’ navies. Too keep the conflict from spinning out of control, he has to use every trick in the manual—and then some before the war erupts in a nuclear holocaust.