January 2017

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The following shows aired in January 2017. Click on the show date in the left column to listen to that show. Files are in MP3 format.
1/1/17 Happy New Year!Join host Jim Fausone and his guests Dr. Chrisanne Gordon and Captain (ret) Fr. Conrad Targonski.

Capt. Targonski, USN (ret) was a chaplain for the Marines at the Battle of Fallujah, Iraq.  He discusses the role of chaplains in the military.

And Dr Chrisanne Gordon, MD discusses how she became a national TBI advocate, the changes in TBI diagnosis and the available TBI treatment for our veterans.

1/8/17 Dr. Rebecca Grant.This week Veterans Radio’s Host Bob Gould, welcomes frequent program guest Dr. Rebecca Grant.  Military/Historian/Author/Commentator and President , of Independent Research. Dr. Grant will comment on Syria, Russia, China, N. Korea.   Be in the know listen to WAAM Talk Radio 1600 and Veterans Radio.
1/15/17 My Captivity in Vietnam. This week on Veterans Radio we welcome William Reeder, the last U.S. Army soldier taken prisoner in Vietnam.Through the Valley is the captivating memoir of the last U.S. Army soldier taken prisoner during the Vietnam War. A narrative of courage, hope, and survival, Through the Valley is more than just a war story. It also portrays the thrill and horror of combat, the fear and anxiety of captivity, and the stories of friendships forged and friends lost.

In 1971 William Reeder was a senior captain on his second tour in Vietnam. He had flown armed, fixed-wing OV-1 Mohawks on secret missions deep into enemy territory in Laos, Cambodia, and North Vietnam on his first tour. He returned as a helicopter pilot eager to experience a whole new perspective as a Cobra gunship pilot. Believing that Nixon’s Vietnamization would soon end the war, Reeder was anxious to see combat action. To him, it appeared that the Americans had prevailed, beaten the Viet Cong, and were passing everything over to the South Vietnamese Army so that Americans could leave.
Less than a year later, while providing support to forces at the besieged base of Ben Het, Reeder’s chopper went down in a flaming corkscrew. Though Reeder survived the crash, he was captured after evading the enemy for three days. He was held for weeks in jungle cages before enduring a grueling forced march on the Ho Chi Minh Trail, costing the lives of seven of his group of twenty-seven POWs. Imprisoned in the notorious prisons of Hanoi, Reeder’s tenacity in the face of unimaginable hardship is not only a captivating story, but serves as an inspiration to all.

And Nicole Motsek, EOD Warrior Foundation Executive Director.The EOD Warrior Foundation (EODWF) serves the EOD community by providing financial assistance and support to active-duty and veteran wounded, injured or ill EOD warriors, families of our wounded and fallen EOD warriors and by maintaining the EOD Memorial.

1/22/17 Sell to a Veteran, Military Writers Society. Sell To A Veteran is a non-profit (501(c)(3)) organization based on Long Island that provides U.S Military & Veteran families with much needed services to enable them to understand and utilize their VA benefits (primarily their VA loan) in buying, selling, and/or refinancing a home.

Sell To A Veteran is comprised of real estate professionals (brokers/agents, lawyers, movers, inspectors, insurance companies, etc.) ready to provide you, the Veteran, with answers to all of the questions you have concerning buying, selling and/or refinancing a home. We will seamlessly walk you through the entire process and assist you in utilizing your VA benefits (primarily your VA loan).
Join host Dale Throneberry and the founders of Sell To A Veteran Michael Aharoni and Brian Goldman.

The Military Writers Society of America has over 1,200 members making it the world’s largest military genre writer’s organization. Member’s books are reviewed, posted and there are annual awards given. The most prestigious of all is THE FOUNDER’S AWARD given each year. Joining us on Veterans Radio this week are former president Joyce Faulkner, and Awards Director John Carthart to discuss the 2016 award winners.

1/29/17 M4 Sherman Tanks. This week Veterans Radio welcomes Michael Haskew, military Author/Historian, and his book about General Patton and the iconic Sherman Tank.