January 2009

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The following shows aired in January 2009. Click on the show date in the left column to listen to that show. Files are in MP3 format.
1/3/09 Pork Chop Hill. What words adequately describe the character of young Americans who fight to keep another nation free? And they do just that…South Korea is free today, thanks in great part to young men in our military.Join host Gary Lillie and Bronze Star recipient Harvey Williams, a forward observer with the 7th Division, 49th Artillery. Mr. Williams participated in a number of Korean War battles during a time when politics and negotiations replaced strategy and tactics.Where did that leave the men doing the fighting? You will find out when you tune in this week to hear the story first hand from a man who fought in a bitterly fierce battle during the closing days of the Korean War—while nations stalled, waiting for the other to blink.The battle for Pork Chop Hill has been memorialized in books and even a movie starring Gregory Peck.
1/10/09 Saigon Gold. “In the final hours of the American War, a fortune in gold sinks in the Saigon River. Robert Anderson returns to contemporary Vietnam seeking atonement for wartime casualties. Instead he is thrust into a dangerous scheme to recover the treasure, unaware that he is being watched. Anderson and his companion, Jenny Ngo, face overwhelming odds at every turn as they race around scenic Vietnam, staying one step ahead of pursuers and a mysterious killer. All the while, China’s emerging navy lurks in the background, threatening the balance of power in the Western Pacific.”Join Dale Throneberry and his guest; author Hugh Scott this Saturday morning as they discuss his new novel Saigon Gold. Hugh Scott served 20 years as a Regular Army officer, including two years in Vietnam with U.S. and ARVN infantry units. He is an honor graduate of the Army Command and General Staff College at Ft. Leavenworth, KS. He served two tours in Vietnam, first as adviser to a national training center in Baria and an infantry battalion of the 7th ARVN Division in the Mekong Delta. Later, he served as assistant brigade and battalion operations officer (S3) with the 199th Light Infantry Brigade near Xuan Loc, 50 miles northeast of the capital of Saigon. He has returned to Vietnam three times in recent years to collect material for his book and its accompanying website. www.SaigonGold.com (no longer in use)
1/17/09 A New President…A New Congress—What does it mean to our Military and Veterans?. To learn, join host Garry Lillie and guests Dick Klass and Matt Cary. Klass was co-chair of Veterans for Obama-Biden and on November 1st he represented Obama on the Veterans Radio Presidential Elections program. Matt Cary is president and a founding member of Veterans and Military Families for Progress (VMFP). We will hear both of them give their educated estimations of what this administration and Congress will mean for active duty military personnel and veterans, alike.
1/24/09 Joe Galloway. Joe Galloway co-authored We Were Soldiers Once…And Young about the 1965 Vietnam battle of LZ X-Ray; a book Mel Gibson made into a movie. In that battle Galloway became the only civilian to be awarded the Bronze Star for bravery in Vietnam. He and General Hal Moore have followed up with We Are Soldiers Still; the fascinating story behind the story.LZ X-Ray was not Galloway’s first battle and it was far from his last. Vietnam was not to be his last war, either. Galloway became such a seasoned war correspondent that Knight Ridder Newspapers had him write a how-to memo, which was also a survival guide, for its reporters that were to be imbedded with our troops going into Iraq.Join host Gary Lillie and guest Joe Galloway this Saturday to hear the amazing life of a war correspondent; where he has been, who he has met and what he has seen.