Honoring Gary Lillie, a Partner and a Friend

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Honoring Gary Lillie

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Gary Lillie
Gary Lillie


Gary Lillie Friend and Partner of Veterans Radio
Gary Lillie

Our partner and friend, Gary Lillie, was killed by a hit and run drunk driver on August 4, 2011. Today’s program is dedicated to Gary’s memory. We have chosen two of Gary’s favorite interviews: “The War Dogs” from 2007 and the music of Michael J. Martin from August 2004. We miss Gary and this is one way we can keep him in our hearts. This is for you dear friend.

“The War Dogs”

Rebroadcasting radio program from August 25, 2007

Vance and Dutch
Vance and Dutch


Vance and Casey
Vance and his first dog Casey

Join host Gary Lillie and his guests as they recount the stories of the bravest, most loyal and most honest of all warriors…Dutch, a sentry dog and Opal, a tracker dog, will be represented by their Vietnam War handlers, Vance McCrumb and Bob Konarske. Hear their stories, as remembered by Vance and Bob.

Michael J. Martin

Rebroadcasting radio program from August 15, 2004

Michael J. Martin was live in our studio on August 15, 2004. He was a frequent guest on Veterans Radio and is still one of our favorites. He was one of those “tried and true ol’ troubadours”. He lived the songs he wrote and sang. His music has some miles on it. For years, he traveled throughout America, performing at concerts, colleges, clubs, pubs, churches, prisons, military bases, museums, biker bars, hospitals, and honky tonks. Michael J. Martin served 12 months in Vietnam, “in the bush”, mostly as a Pointman, with the 11th Infantry / American Division, class of 1968-69. His citations include: Silver and Bronze Stars, Purple Heart, and Combat Infantryman’s Badge. He is gone now too, but he lives on through his music.  Listen to some of his music here.

All Gave Some. Some Gave All. Always Remember.


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