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This week Veterans Radio’s Hosts Bob Gould and Dale Throneberry welcome frequent program guest Dr. Rebecca Grant.

Military Historian/Author/Commentator and President of  IRIS Independent Research. She is also a regular guest on Fox Business with Charles Payne and occasional appearances on Fox ‘n Friends to inform citizens of  the facts related to global military status.

Subject Matter Expertise

  • National Security
  • Global Military Operations
  • Missile Defense
  • Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan
  • Drones and Unmanned Tech
  • Aerospace Industry
  • Airpower
  • American Political Culture


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One comment

  1. Dear Ms. Grant,
    I have seen you on the Smithsonian Channel. I want to thank you for your research and accuracy of WW ll aviation history. We all have an obligation to the “young folks’ who read and watch historical shows. If it is out there…..they will believe it. So if the information is incorrect, they will pass it on. After writing to current “Aviation Mags” and pointing out gross errors (not nitpicking stuff) and getting rebuffed, I have given up. I even had a “learned writer” send a note to his editor that said “what do you want me to tell this idiot?”
    Unfortunately, I got copied on the email. I realized their interest was not in historical fact, it was selling magazines.
    I have not written books, but I study. I can sift through the “stuff” and usually cross reference it. The facts are there. They are sometimes difficult to find. However find them you can. I got this interest in aviation from my Dad who designed landing gear for the Aerol division of The Cleveland Pneumatic Company during WW ll. I got hooked.
    I no longer point out mistakes to magazines that print errors and folk stories. They just keep telling their tales. It still bugs me. The show on the F6F was well done, by the way.
    Philip Kiraly
    PS: I finally did get The Museum of The USAF in Dayton to change their production numbers on the Packard Merlin. What a claim to fame! ha ha……..

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