December 2015

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The following shows aired in December 2015. Click on the show date in the left column to listen to that show. Files are in MP3 format.
12/6/15 Gifts for Vets. What does your veteran want for Christmas this year? Maybe a great book, music, leather flight jacket or what? Join Veterans Radio this Sunday to hear about all kinds of great presents for veterans and active duty military.

You’ll hear from authors, musicians, military clothing, memorabilia business owners, and veterans groups gathering gifts for hospitalized veterans and their families. Guests on this program include:

Jenny La Sala, author of Never Forgotten:The Vietnam Veteran Fifty Years Later,
Kevin Hymel, author of Patton’s Photographs: War as He Saw It,
GI Surplus of Wayne, Michigan,
Kelsi Parenteau from The Life Chest
and Michigan’s Own
Military and Space Heroes Museum.

12/13/15 Charlie Mike. In the opening of his new book, Charlie Mike, Time magazine journalist and author Joe Klein notes that, “in the U.S. Military, ‘Charlie Mike’ is shorthand for ‘continue the mission.’”
Our guest on Veterans Radio this week is Joe Klein who tells the dramatic story of Eric Greitens and Jake Wood, larger-than-life war heroes who come home and use their military discipline and values to help others. This is a story that hasn’t been told before, one of the most hopeful to emerge from Iraq and Afghanistan—a saga of lives saved, not wasted.

This is the true story of two decorated combat veterans linked by tragedy, who come home from the Middle East and find a new way to save their comrades and heal their country.

Greitens, a Navy SEAL and Rhodes Scholar, spends years working in refugee camps before he joins the military. Wounded in Iraq, Greitens returns home and finds that his fellow veterans at Bethesda Naval Hospital all want the same thing: they want to continue to serve their country in some way, no matter the extent of their injuries. He founds The Mission Continues to provide paid public service fellowships for wounded veterans.

One of the first Mission Continues fellows is charismatic former Marine sergeant Jake Wood, a natural leader who began Team Rubicon, organizing 9/11 veterans for dangerous disaster relief projects around the world. “We do chaos,” he says.

The chaos they face isn’t only in natural disasters—it’s also in the lives of their fellow veterans, who’ve come home from the wars traumatized and looking for a sense of purpose. Greitens and Wood believe that invigorated veterans can lead, by personal example, to stronger communities—and they prove it in Charlie Mike. Their personal saga is compelling and inspirational: they demonstrate how the skills of war can also provide a path to peace, personal satisfaction, and a more vigorous nation.

Joining us is Ken Harbaugh, COO of Team Rubicon and co-founder of The Mission Continues.

You don’t want to miss hearing this amazing  and powerful story about today’s generation of veterans.

12/20/15 Military Leaders, Good or Bad. Join our panel of military Journalists/Authors/Historians: long time Veterans radio contributor Kevin Hymel, former Historian for the U.S. army’s Combat Studies Institute currently writing with the Air Force as Journalist/Writer, John C. McManus, Professor of military history at Missouri University of Science and Technology and, Lt. Col. William C. Latham, ret. U.S. Army Chinook Pilot, Vietnam, Director, OCS Course, U.S. Army Logistics University  as we let them use their research and writings to tell us about great military leaders and rate them accordingly.
12/27/15 Arlington Revisited. Each year more than 4,000,000 people come to visit. More than 300,000 reside here. Over 500 more are added each week. Near-mythological stories of valor, commitment, sacrifice and patriotism surround you as you walk the grounds. It is the location of the Tombs of the Unknown Soldiers. The official name is Arlington National Cemetery, but known simply as Arlington.

Join host Bob Gould for this and other stories on Veterans Radio.