December 2014

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The following shows aired in December 2014. Click on the show date in the left column to listen to that show. Files are in MP3 format.
12/7/14 Gifts for Veterans. What does your veteran want for Christmas this year? Maybe a great book, music, leather flight jacket or what? Join Veterans Radio this Sunday to hear about all kinds of great presents for veterans and active duty military.

You’ll hear from authors, musicians, military clothing, memorabilia business owners, and veterans groups gathering gifts for hospitalized veterans and their families.

We’ll also have a tribute to veteran troubador Michael J. Martin who who passed last week.

12/14/14 Chosin Peninsula It was November 1950. The U.S. military was moving toward the North Korean border with China and Mao. MacArthur wanted to continue into Manchuria. The coldest winter in 100 years desended upon Korea. The troops on the front thought they’d be home by christmas. Then—they reached the Chosin reservoir and the Chinese swept across the border. Hear this gripping story from those who were there. Join host, Bob Gould and guests: historian Col. William Latham  U.S. Army (ret), Marine Korean War vet Sgt.Fred Sozio, Sgt. Paul Fortino and others as we listen to the retelling of the  “Chosin Peninsula”.
12/21/14 Christmas in the Military.. Throughout American history many of our military men and women have not been home for the holidays. This week Veterans Radio wants to know where and how you celebrated Christmas while you were in the service.

If you served anytime between World War II and Iraq/Afghanistan we want to hear from you. And what was it like at home while your loved one was gone? We want to hear from all of you too.

12/28/14 THERE AND BACK. Author Lisa Lark will be on to discuss her new book “There and Back: The Vietnam War Through the Eyes of Those Who Lived It.” She chronicles the lives of 100s of men who fought and their personal photographs. Lisa will be on the show during the first half hour.

John Lee Dumas, 34, an Army Platoon leader in Iraq, transitioned through a couple of jobs until he settled on being a podcast and digital media entrepreneur. Hear John’s story of military service and how it shaped his current endeavor encouraging people to live fired up lives. John will be on the show during the second half hour.