August 2014

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The following shows aired in August 2014. Click on the show date in the left column to listen to that show. Files are in MP3 format.
8/3/14 Rosie the Riveters and the Arsenal of Democracy. Join host Bob Gould and guests Bob Kreipke, Ford Motor Company Historian, and Marjorie Walters one of the original “Rosie The Riveters” as they tell their stories about the Arsenal of Democracy.  It’s all about the manufacturing of WWII weapons and planes, specifically the B-24. “We Can Do It” and so will you when you listen to Veterans Radio this Sunday, August 3.
8/10/14 The Future of the A-10 “Warthog.” Join Colonel Rodger Seidel (ret.) to discuss his views on the defense industry and Air Force attempt to kill the A-10 Fleet. Colonel Seidel has over 2500 hours flying Warthogs around the world. Hear it straight from a command pilot with over 4300 flying hours in his career.

Memoirs of a Korean War Ace. Join author David K. Vaughn to discuss the flying exploits of Lt. Colonel Cecil G. Foster (ret.) as told in “MiG Alley to Mu Ghia Pass”. Lt. Colonel Foster was a native of Midland Michigan who flew combat missions in Korea, Vietnam and during the Cuban Missile Crisis. Major Vaughn (ret.) was a combat pilot in Southeast Asia and is a retired Professor of English.

8/17/14 Blue-Eyed Boy. In January 1967, Robert Timberg was a short-timer, counting down the days until his combat tour ended. He had thirteen days to go before he got to go back home to his wife in Southern California. That homecoming would eventually happen, but not in thirteen days, and not as the person he once was. The moment his vehicle struck a Vietcong land mine divided his life into before and after.

He survived, barely, with third-degree burns over his face and much of his body. It would have been easy to give up. Instead, Robert Timberg began an arduous and uncertain struggle back—not just to physical recovery, but to a life of meaning. Remarkable as his return to health was—he endured thirty-five operations, one without anesthesia—just as remarkable was his decision to reinvent himself as a journalist and enter one of the most public of professions. Blue-Eyed Boy is a gripping, occasionally comic account of what it took for an ambitious man, aware of his frightful appearance but hungry for meaning and accomplishment, to master a new craft amid the pitying stares and shocked reactions of many he encountered on a daily basis.

Like others of his generation, Robert Timberg had to travel an unexpectedly hard and at times bitter road. In facing his own life with the same tools of wisdom, human empathy, and storytelling grit he has always brought to his journalism, he has produced one of the most moving and important memoirs of our time.

Join host Dale Throneberry and his guest Bob Timberg this Sunday on Veterans Radio. You don’t want to miss this incredible story of courage and determination.