August 2013

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The following shows aired in August 2013. Click on the show date in the left column to listen to that show. Files are in MP3 format.
8/3/13 Gettysburg, 150 Years Later—Part II (a continuation of our program from 6 July 2013). Guests include the authors and historians Craig L. Symonds, Wayne Vansant, and Dwight Jon Zimmerman.
8/10/13 Jobs, Jobs, Jobs II—We feature an interview with a representative from WalMart. Walmart has an extensive veteran hiring outreach initiative. We also have live reports coming in from the “Thunder Over Michigan” air show going on at the Yankee Air Museum and talk with a guest from the “Save The Bomber Plant” program.
8/17/13 On the Wings of Dawn: American Airmen as Germany’s Prisoners. This historical narrative is based on the World War II experiences of USAAF airman Lawrence L. Witt and, by extension, his crewmates, fellow POWs and forced march companions. This account of survival follows Witt’s narrow escape from a fiery, out-of-control B-17, to his poignant return to freedom after eleven and one-half months of captivity in German stalags, where he was pushed to the very limits of human endurance. This book is meticulously researched through first-person interviews, self-published accounts, government documents, period photos, and contemporaneous letters and newspaper articles. Laura Edge has written a classic.
8/24/13 Korea: 60 Years Later.
July 27, 1953, a cease fire agreement was signed to end a conflict that was fought to contain communism. Today, 60 years later, North Korea remains a closed state. A threat to world peace. Join host, Bob Gould and his guests authors William C. Latham Jr., a course director at the United States Army Logistics University at Fort Lee, Virginia, and Lewis H. Carlson, a retired professor of history and Director of American Studies at Western Michigan University as they explore what is happening in North and South Korea today and what the future may hold for both countries.
8/31/13 AT EASE with Dwight Jon Zimmerman. FIRE AND FORGET: Short Stories from the Long War edited by Roy Scranton and Matt Gallagher. This is a powerful anthology of stories written by men and women whose lives were directly engaged in the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. They are gritty, haunting, shocking—and unforgettable.
THE LAST BATTLE by Stephen Harding. This is the astonishing story of an unlikely alliance of U.S. Army soldiers, Wehrmacht soldiers, and senior politicians from the French Third Republic, fighting for their lives against the SS in the final days of World War II.
TROOPER is an independent film produced, written, directed, and starring Christopher Martini. It’s a powerful film about returning veterans (in this case from the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts, the invisible pain of war, and the many physical and psychological problems facing our troops returning from combat. Mainstream distributors have not responded, causing Martini to initiate a Kickstarter campaign to finance distribution of this moving and topical film. He’s asking for your help and will be talking about why he’s had to make this direct appeal: