April 2014

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Veterans Radio was off the air for the month of April, 2014 and ran past programming.
4/5/14 VETERANS RADIO CLASSIC, first heard on 23 October 2010—Tear In the Desert: A journey into the heart of the Iraq War with Navy Chaplin Father Ron Moses Camarda

You don’t want to miss this story of Fr. Ron Moses Camarda’s tour of duty as the Chaplin at the Surgical Hospital in Fallujah Iraq in late 2004, including the Battle of Fallujah, ministering to over 1500 casualties and 81 KIA including 12 in front of him. His story of faith is an inspiration to all of us. Father Ron ministered to everyone he came in contact with. Friend or foe, it made no difference to this amazing man of God.

Tune in to hear Fr. Camarda’s stories about the men and women he met and ministered to during his tour in Iraq. Host is Dale Throneberry.

4/12/14 VETERANS RADIO CLASSIC, first heard on 25 September 2010.—Left for Dead
It was almost 2100hrs on 29 January 1968, the night before the “Tet Offensive” when Wendell Skinner’s helicopter crashed in Cambodia attempting to extract a Special Forces Long Range Patrol Team that had come in contact with a large force of Viet Cong and NVA. The LZ was a burned out area in the jungle that was covered with ashes. As the helicopter made its approach the ashes flew up around the aircraft blinding the pilot and he made a hard landing resulting in the pilot being thrown through the windshield still strapped in his seat almost tearing his arm off. The co-pilot and door gunner were thrown against the dash and suffered broken bones. Skinner was thrown under the huey as it rolled over and started to burn. Thinking Skinner was dead another huey picked up the wounded crew and the SF Team and left the area leaving Skinner. Major Earl Carson, CO of the 195th Assault Helicopter Company was awakened shortly after midnight and told of the crash and the loss of Skinner. Carlson was outraged.”You don’t leave a soldier, dead or alive, behind.” He had never lost a man under his command. He gathered a crew together and went to find Skinner. “I was just doing what a commanding officer is supposed to do.”
4/19/14 VINTAGE VETERANS RADIO—Air Force Defense Strategy Into the Next Decade
First broadcast on February 25, 2012. Host Bob Gould’s guest was Dr. Rebecca Grant, President of Iris Independent Research who focused on joint doctrine, airpower history and defense strategy. Dr. Grant has been a frequent guest on Veterans Radio. She  discussed the past Cold War weapons like the B-52 and U-2 spy plans and the future F-35 Joint Strike Fighter and the F-22 Stealth Fighter. Dr. Grant outlined the foundation of U.S. nuclear defense strategy through 2020.
4/26/14 VINTAGE VETERANS RADIO—Operation Ranch Hand. Agent Orange, the gift that keeps on giving
This program was first broadcast on 5 February 2011 and hosted by Gary Lillie.

Operation Ranch Hand was the code name of the Air Force Agent Orange spraying missions in Vietnam. Aircrews assigned to spray the defolient used a sardonic motto: “Only you can prevent forests”. But there were four other agents sprayed depending on what foliage or crop was to be destroyed. Host Gary Lillie and former Ranch Hand crew member Jack McManus talk about his job and other things we never knew about the defolients used in Vietnam…and the legacy left behind, not only for American G.I.s, but for the Vietnamese people as well.

We should have some “BIG NEWS” about when we will be returning to the air waves by the end of next week. Stay tuned.