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Financial sponsorship and the support of our guests and the listening audience is paramount to the success of our program. We do not spend any money on advertising with Google, Bing, or the many big box marketing organizations. We are solely supported by a handful of benefactors and individuals through their sharing of our content on Facebook and Twitter and word of mouth.

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2017-2018 Year in Review

Listen in to a recent program while reviewing several of our guests featured over the last 2 years.

Veterans Radio 2017 2018 Review


CTN Ann Arbor Spotlight on Veterans Radio – November 2014

Click to view the CTN ANN ARBOR video spotlight

CTN Ann Arbor Spotlight 2014 on WAAM 1600


Aljazeera Video Spotlight on Veterans Radio – November 2013

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Aljazeera Spotlight November 2013 at Ave Maria Radio


Hour Magazine – November 2013

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Hour Magazine Voice for Vets

The Voice of Americas Veterans
Anniversary Podcast