15 March 2015-Vietnam Stories


Ghost Rider-A War Story Cover     Ghostrider Patch 195th 

Veterans Radio goes back to its’ roots for this program.  In the studio with host Bob Gould will be a panel of three Vietnam combat Veterans.

You live their experiences as they tell, not always serious, recollections of events gone past.  So take a trip back about 45 years and catch these guys and their own “Vietnam War”.

Stay in the know. Get it straight from Veterans Radio.

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  1. Anyone interested in more info on the trackers can go to combattrackerteam.org. There are lots of pictures posted there.

  2. Bob,Dale,,Richard ,Frank -somehow y’all transformed the war memories into a Sunday military rap with music & song. Maybe Bob could accompany Dales Version of Ghost Riders. Picturing Dale flying the chickens and a water buffalo will surely be a priceless work of art. So good, carry on. My phone had great reception, unlike the. Radio from Livonia.Erin Go Bragh.

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